We are a community-based specialized textile trading company that provides total fashion materials, responding quickly to the customers.

FUJISAKI TEXTILE was founded in 1968 as a trading company for knit textiles.
Over the years we have developed into a specialized trading company that provides a wide range of textile, mainly knit fabrics, cut-sew and fabrics (textile) as a base.
We have also structured a unified procurement system of material not only in Japan but also overseas, from planning, manufacturing to sales of the product.
We have developed a business covering the entire textile process from the beginning to the end.
Our motto is to be a community-based material and textile provider with close ties to places that create things and sells things.
Therefore we have divided the business so it is community-based with easy mobility in locations such as Ryogoku, Shibuya and Sendagaya where there are numerous sewing makers, apparel makers and shops.
Currently the FUJISAKI Group consists of 5 companies, and is structured so importance is placed on quick response to the needs of each local and transaction company.
If you are asking "Is there material like this?" then we are proud to say we will be able to handle this in an accurate and speedy manner.
Ask us for anything about textile.

Our elite corps of group power enables us to accurately handle the needs of the local and needs of the present age.

At FUJISAKI Group, FUJISAKI TEXTILE Co., Ltd has the headquarter function of the overall group.
We have divided the company into 5 companies to place importance on the function to grow human resources in its entirely, delivery of textile, function to develop products and characters, function to provide and sell finished products, and such functional role and community-base.
These will quickly scoop up the area needs, and with a elite corps structure, and good footwork, handle these needs.
With a structure that quickly responds to the quickly changing fashion trends of the period, each company is developing their own individual business.

FUJISAKI Group Organization Chart

FUJISAKI Group Organization Chart