We are a trading company providing a total range of fashion materials, with a local-based approach and quick response.

FUJISAKI TEXTILE CO., LTD. was established in 1968 as a trading company for knitted fabrics.
Since then, we have grown as a trading company specializing in textile materials, providing a wide range of knitted fabrics and other textiles.
The company has also built up an integrated system that handles everything from the procurement of materials domestically and overseas to the planning, manufacture and sale of products.
We have developed a business that covers the entire textile industry, from upstream to downstream.
Our motto is that we want to be a locally-based fabric store that maintains close relationships with the places where we make and sell our products.
Therefore, in order to be able to move with good mobility in districts of Tokyo such as Ryogoku, Shibuya and Sendagaya, where there are many sewing manufacturers, apparel makers and shops, we have spun off each of the divisions with close ties to the local area.
Today, the FUJISAKI GROUP is made up of five companies and has created a structure that puts emphasis on quick-response, in order to promptly satisfy the needs of the region and the companies it deals with.
We are proud to be second to none in providing accurate and speedy solutions to customers' requests for specific materials.
"We are always at your service when it comes to textiles”.

The group power of a small number of elite branches makes possible to respond precisely to the needs of the local market.

The Group is then divided into five companies with a focus on the following functional roles: the function of developing human resources, the function of procuring fabrics, the function of developing products and characters, and the function of providing and selling finished products.
Each of these companies quickly identifies local needs and handles them with the step of a small, elite team.
With such a structure that responds to the rapid flow of times and trends, each has developed its own unique business.

FUJISAKI GROUP Organization Chart

FUJISAKI Group Organization Chart