Protection of personal information

FUJISAKI TEXTILE CO., LTD. is a specialized textile trading company that provides total fashion materials.
Our company will fully utilize personal information to provide the best service.
However when our company handles personal information we consider personal information the most precious asset, and endeavor with the most possible security.
Also all our company directors and employees understand the aim of the personal information protection policy and implement this sincerely.

  1. Our company will consider the content and size of the business, and acquire, use and provide appropriate personal information.
  2. Our company will clearly specify the usage purpose of the personal information, and will not handle personal information beyond the usage purpose. We will also place appropriate measures to make sure personal information is not handled beyond the usage purpose.
  3. Our company will strictly abide by the regulation, policy determined by the country, and other criterion regarding handling of personal information.
  4. Our company will structure a secure management system to prevent illegal access, prevention of leakage, loss, destruction, and damage of personal information. Also regarding accidents regarding personal information we will take corrective action and precautionary measures.
  5. Our company will speedily handle requests for disclosure of personal information, etc. inquiries, complaints, advice on handling of personal information by establishing an inquiry desk.
  6. We will continue to review our personal information management system and improve it accordingly.

For inquires regarding our personal information


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Person in Charge: Koji Shimazaki